Happy Fri-YAY bitches! I’ve been bumpin some chill vibes all day today as I write this article so this week’s song is “Keeping it in the Dark” by Daya. Won’t be everyone’s style, but it’s my type of bop. I’m ready to get home and start a brand new game so make sure you head to Twitter and vote on what I should play for the next few weeks!

Also, if you’re a PC gamer, Humble Bundle is running a RIDICULOUS deal for their monthly subscribers: Call of Duty WW2, Crash Bandicoot N’Sanity Trilogy, and Spryo Reignited Trilogy are all available for $12! I’m not huge on the CoD, but those other two remastered bundles are absolutely worth the deal. Plus, there’s even more mystery games being tossed in on November 1st. Check it out!

Let’s get into the weekly news:

PS5 officially announced for late 2020

This isn’t surprising news since we’ve known since March that the new PlayStation would be named the PS5 and that it most likely would release next year. We did learn more about the changes coming to the controller, starting with an improved “rumble” system called “haptic feedback”. Sony claims that this will make the experience more immersive, saying that crashing a car into a wall will feel different than getting tackled in Madden. I’m not sure how they plan on doing this since rumble is literally generated by two tiny motors that spin an unbalanced mass inside the controller, but I’m interested to see how it feels. The second change is called “adaptive triggers”, which is hilarious because it basically sounds just like the triggers on the Xbox controller. Lastly, something that might have been overlooked by everyone is that Ghosts of Tsushima isn’t waiting until the PS5 launch. It says at the very bottom of that post that it will be on PS4. So does that mean we’ll see it next August? That’d be my best guess. All together, I think this was a great way for PlayStation to announce something we already knew and still keep it interesting with some new updates.

Meanwhile, Google has some evil shit going on…

I mean, I might be upset if I even knew what the fuck “negative latency” is. According to Google:

“Negative latency” is a concept by which Stadia can set up a game with a buffer of predicted latency between the server and player, and then use various methods to undercut it. It can run the game at a super-fast framerate so it can act on player inputs earlier, or it can predict a player’s button presses. These tricks can help the game feel more responsive, potentially more so than a console game running locally at 30fps with a wireless controller.” – Edge Magazine

Ok, so what I’m reading is that Google thinks they’re so smart that they will be able to predict what I’m going to do before I even do. You know what that sounds like? MIND CONTROL. Its finally happening people. Google is trying to take over the world. Majd Bakar is officially the world’s first supervillain. Someone call Robert Downey Jr. We need the Avengers.

Oh, and I think Stadia is going to suck now. I’m still optimistic since Google is one of the biggest and smartest companies in the world, but it’s looking bleak now.

Is making a copycat game really THAT bad?

So you all know I’ve been playing Cuphead over the last two weeks. Well, yesterday this new game Enchanted Portals blew up gaming Twitter for being accused of copying Cuphead. And yes, if you watch the trailer, the game really looks exactly like it. But is that necessarily a bad thing? The thing that makes Cuphead such a masterpiece is the hand-drawn art style, which takes literally YEARS to do. Every single frame has to be drawn, colored, inked, and then animated. I mean the game has been out for almost 2 years now and they still haven’t released the DLC because it takes that much time to draw everything. Is it really that bad that someone else is making a similar title? Especially when the art for the “ripoff” title doesn’t look near as good as its source material? As fans, shouldn’t we just be happy that we get more? I mean if Studio MDHR started working on Cuphead 2 right now, it most likely wouldn’t be ready until 2025 unless they doubled the size of their team. I’m not by any means saying that making copycat games are always justified (see all the stupid battle royale clones that have been released in the last few years), but I don’t think this small studio deserved the backlash they received.

I’m not political, but this is kinda bullshit

I’m not going to say anything about the actual Hong Kong protests, the politics behind them, or where my stance is on the debate. I am not educated on Chinese politics to have any comment. But I do think it’s kinda bullshit to ban a streamer or competitor for using their platform to state their side. It would be different if this was supporting a hate group like the KKK or something, but as far as I know, that is not the case. Have the protesters in Hong Kong done some weird crazy shit? Absolutely yes and some of it is really, really bad. But so have conservative and liberal groups in the US over the last 10 years, and they all still get to talk about how awesome or horrible our current president’s term has been. I’m a firm believer in free speech, and clearly, Blizzard is not. Does that mean I’m going to #boycott all Blizzard and Activision games until they revert their actions against this player? No, I honestly don’t care that much at all. But do I think they should remove any ban they made? Yea, probably.

Finally, you’ll never guess what I stumbled upon today on Twitter…

Oh IGN, you motherfuckers. “Unfiltered” interviews with small studios about their beginnings??? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? This is outrageous. You’re just intent on fucking with me in every way possible aren’t you IGN? First, you tell us that Gears 5 is actually a good game, and now this? All in the same month?!? I’ve had enough. I don’t care that you’ve apparently been doing this for 3 years. I don’t care that you have a nice shiny new bar where you pretend you’re cool and drink beer. Guess what? You’ve got a new competitor in the ring, and he’s gonna fuck you up.

I officially declare war on IGN. I created The Unfiltered Nerd and my Behind the Mask series without any knowledge of your clearly lesser series. You may have the relationships, you may have a bigger footprint, and hell, you may have millions and millions of readers around the world. But you know what they say: the bigger they are, the harder they fall. And you’re gonna fall IGN. You’re gonna fucking fall hard if it’s the last thing I do.


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